RM Athletic Scholarships

RM Athletic Scholarship Application - Due 4/18/18

Richard Montgomery High School Booster Club Athletic Scholarship  applications are accepted each Spring of the school year.  The RMHS Booster Club awards 5 education scholarships in the amount of $750 to Student-Athletes involved in RMHS sanctioned athletic teams. Scholarships are funded by the RMHS Athletic Booster Club, Inc.

Special thanks to past Booster President Kevin Brooks and family for pushing for this program many years ago.

Look for notices in the Spring of each year.  Applications are turned into the RM's College/Career Info Coordinator Ms. Mary Hull.

This scholarship is not designed to recognize the “best” graduating athletes at Richard Montgomery High School. Rather it is to recognize excellence in athletics and as well as in academics and the contributing factors to each category.

The committee looks at:

1. Involvement in RM Athletics: This involvement can include participation as a team member, manager, or assistance to a team in any relevant way.

2. Positions of leadership, any awards or recognition received (e.g. MVP, Rocket Award, All-Met, etc.) and examples of success on the team, perseverance, commitment, overcoming challenges, etc.

3. Academic Achievement: Your weighted grade point average. You must have at least a weighted grade point average of 3.0 for ll courses taken through the first semester of your senior year.

4. Community and Family Service: Community service both through RM (Student Service Learning Hours), helping care for family and friends and any service provided to the community at large and

5. Extra-Curricular Activities: Extra-curricular activities both within RM and outside of RM which are relevant and important to growth as a student at RM. Examples include, Jobs, Scouting, Model United Nation participation, internships, club activities, etc. Please identify any leadership positions you held in these activities.

The Scholarship Committee will interview the top applicants who are considered finalists based on the above criteria The Committee’s decisions about the scholarships will be based on the written application and the interview. The interview is required for the finalists and will be conducted in May of each year and will last no longer than 15 minutes.

For more information about this program or if you want to volunteer for the committee, please contact the Booster Club President or the scholarship committee chair.